Bikepackings Dirty little Secrets

Well one of them anyway


Besides the question of “Where do you guys poop”, which I’ll leave for another article or better yet a mealtime conversation w/ limited calories & a lack of careing/sharing motivation.


The Hike a Bike may well be the most reviled part of any mountain bike trail. Here’s the rub. HaB in any serious Bikepacking Race may take as much time as the riding.

If I haven’t lost you yet the masochist streak that is present in all MTBer is strong in you.  All is not hopeless suffering however. Much like other aspects of mountain biking, HaBing has learnable techniques which lessen suffrage & speed you up.


The Push

Pedal positioning:

Generally uphill fully forward, downhill (yep sometimes) fully to the rear. Some people when faced with very long and very steep HaBs will remove the body side pedal. I have never resorted to this method, likely because I just didn’t want to dig out the appropriate tool.  


Only two positions are available.

One hand on the saddle and one on the body side handlebar/brake.

Both hands on handlebar/brakes. Mandatory for downhill or Rachet-a-Bike up hills.

Rachet-a-Bike or RaB

When it’s too steep to push and walk #1 one must stand planted #2 push/lean forward to a full arms extension #3  lock both brakes #4 using the brake-locked bike as you anchor pull yourself forward, Repeat 1 thur 4.

The Scooter

Not all too steep uphill are endless. Often flat or or downhill section are interspersed. If these seem too short to be worth a remount try reverting to your inner child by putting the bike side foot on the body side pedal, lean the bike to a balanced point and kick along. Yelling out “Weeee” is only necessary when sharing the trail with hikers or equestrians.

Remounting the bike:

Fast Racers Boy/Girl

This ain’t Cyclocross. So if you're trying to keep up momentum start with the pedal closest to your body, kick with the free foot if you need a little more speed/time. Now swing the other leg over the saddle/seatpack/racks and pedal away.

Slow & Tired method

Yeah you leaned the pedal on a rock in lieu of a kickstand, but the bike fell over or you are just too pooped the do the running mount. If your seatpack isn’t too high just mount up as normal. If that’s a problem try partially lifting the bike until you can comfortable step over the toptube. Once straddling the bike lift it fully upright. Now ride away.